Joining the village

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I wonder how many of your readers are aware of the plans by Taylor Wimpey and other developers to join by coalescence the downland village of Lavant with the urban built area of Chichester. The area under threat that may provide huge instant profits for Taylor Wimpey and their cohorts is the presently-defined rural agricultural land area that breaks the Chichester built environment from the downland village of Lavant.

The vitally important strategic agricultural separation area immediately north of Chichester that developers hope will win them instant profits stretches nearly two miles from the River Lavant in the east, across fertile fields to the Midhurst Road and Centurion Way then west to West Stoke Road. In north-south terms the strategic gap is only about 500 yards wide but developers are applying to fill this, stage-by-stage, with bricks, concrete and tarmac.

May I commend all who live in Lavant or Chichester who wish to retain their proud village or proud city identities to let Chichester District Council know (planning application LV/12/03178/OUT) that filling bricks and tarmac into an agricultural strategic gap is not the answer to preserving our precious environment. The council deadline for comment is September 20 – is this deadline fair considering the enormity of the impact this will have on the community?

John Long

Keepers Wood,