Joint approach is needed to save city

IT IS somehow reassuring to know that the ‘Let’s kill all small businesses in the city centre’ brigade is still alive and well within the county council, especially when our national politicians are accused of being completely out of touch; this seems to be the case at local level.

While there is a strong case for removing the clutter from the streets, surely some consideration should be given to the businesses currently struggling for survival, with rising fuel costs, increased VAT, and now parking charges on a Sunday within the city car parks, and yes, I do know that the on-street parking provided by the county council is currently still free, but the cynic in me thinks not for much longer.

I would also suggest the councillors involved walk around the city and count the empty shops and possibly read last week’s Observer where they will find a further article on Chichester’s Business Improvement District, that attempts to address this very problem.

Do they both talk to each other?

Are councillors aware of this organisation, or even indeed aware there is a city centre manager?

If they are then I would suggest a joint approach to the situation promptly, without the need to employ outside consultants as may have happened in the past.

Dennis Plumb

Coxes Road, Selsey