KEVII decision is no real surprise

WHY are the campaigners shocked at the KEVII decision?

It has always been obvious to me that the developers would win in the end.

I don’t believe that the developer is for one moment interested in the views of the local community and the impact that the development is going to have on Easebourne and Midhurst.

The developer is only interested in developing its bank balance.

Quoting Helen Moore, the residential managing director of City and Country, who said: “While we recognise the decision was previously considered as being finely balanced we believe by working very closely with SDNPA and English Heritage over the past few months we have now been able to create an application committee members will also view as tipping the balance in favour of these applications.”

Were they working too close?

Who was representing the campaigners at those close meetings to make sure their views were taken into consideration and that the decision taken in favour of the applications was arrived at fairly and to the benefit of the local community and not just to the benefit of those who are only interested in developing their bank balance?

Mr H Rogers