Lay off Picturedrome

I was very pleased to read that at last it appears the Regis Centre has been saved from demolition, but now with the threat of an adjacent multiplex/ miniplex cinema the future of the Picturedrome is at risk.

Why is it thought that a multiplex/ miniplex is necessary, and was Bognor Town Council as the landlord of the Picturedrome consulted as to its possible loss?

At present there is very convenient parking next door to the Regis Centre – what effect will the loss of this parking have on the theatre’s viability? Indeed what effect will the loss of 400 places in both the Hothampton and Regis Centre car parks have on the whole town? The sale this month of, I believe, between 5,000 and 10,000 parking clocks shows the car is still used for shopping!

The bowling greens in Waterloo Square and Swansea Gardens, along with the tennis courts, now appear to be under threat. I don’t see how moving any of these facilities to Aldwick West Park would be beneficial to the vitality of the town centre.

If Arun has no funds to ensure the Marine Park toilets remain open, they should not even be considering this move. Thank goodness Waterloo Square has a covenant preventing building or we could end up with yet more flats.

Will Morrisons go ahead with their excellent town centre expansion plans when there is

the possibility of St Modwen developing a food store on the Hothampton car park?

G R Diggens

Tuscan Avenue,

Middleton on Sea