LETTER: A matter of law with cyclists

IN response to John Bennett (letter, May 15) the reason why cyclists shouldn’t use pavements (and urban footpaths, too) is simply that parliament has passed a law against this.

If road-users can choose which laws or bylaws they’ll obey, why shouldn’t motorists drive at any speed they like anywhere, including in 20mph restriction zones?

A quick burst of Googling would reveal to Mr Bennett countless cases of pedestrians being injured, sometimes seriously, by cyclists riding in places where they’re not entitled to go.

There have also been occasional deaths – astonishing but true.

Though I watch where I’m going myself, I have been hit once while walking along one of Chichester’s urban paths.

Near-misses I couldn’t begin to count, as cyclists shoot up behind you and overtake at speed.

Pedestrians include the most vulnerable road-users: the very young, the very old, the frail.

It should be every citizen’s job to help protect them.

I’m surprised that a school minibus driver like Mr Bennett apparently thinks otherwise.

Tim Hudson

Hawthorn Close