LETTER: Accident fears over one-way street

REGARDING the one-way order for Lutener Road, Easebourne: In principle, while not necessarily in favour of a one-way street, a one-way street could be beneficial to some people.

However, the direction proposed is dangerous due to the junction with the A272 directly opposite the BP garage exit, thereby creating a crossroads.

This is exacerbated by parking on either side of the exit of Lutener Road, meaning exiting visibility is severely restricted.

Despite there not being a huge representation from Lutener Road, we are a close-knit community and all feel the issues of parking, congestion, traffic speed etc are of concern.

Although under the proposed scheme cars would not be able to exit the garage and go straight across into Lutener Road, they obviously would still be able to turn left or right.

This means when exiting Lutener Road, it will still be extremely difficult to turn right, therefore many residents would turn left, then left into Vanzell Road, then left again on to the A286 just to go to Midhurst.

This situation could be eased if traffic exiting the garage was only permitted to turn left, thereby alleviating the need for a one-way street and saving £9,100 of taxpayers’ money.

At the moment, we have free choice as to which end of the road we exit. We are unaware whether residents of Victoria Avenue and Strathmoor Gardens were notified of this proposal – both roads leading off Lutener Road. These roads do also give the opportunity for vehicles to turn round if the road is blocked by delivery or emergency vehicles.

There are numerous minor accidents outside the BP garage, but the council consultation discounted these, saying there were no safety issues as these have not been reported to the police.

We questioned at the meeting whether there had been any reportable accidents in Lutener Road as, if there were not, then by their own criteria there were no safety concerns. The response was this information was not available.

We felt we were not offered the opportunity to raise our concerns – the item on the agenda was discussed 30 minutes early so it is possible that people missed it – and our views have not been taken into consideration fully.

Due to safety concerns, a one-way system may work, but not the direction in which it is proposed – it should be east to west.

The A272 end of Lutener Road is also problematic due to customers of and deliveries to, the Cook Shop.

While the exit on to the A286 is slightly narrower, the visibility is much better as there are no parked cars on the main road.

While not many people replied to the consultation, this could be due to the fact that notices were not put up and not everyone would have been aware of the parish council meeting.

Residents of Easebourne including:

Patricia Luke

Jen and Nigel Curry

Alison and Nick Odle