LETTER: Appeal for volumes

RICHARD Pegler (Major), who was a Midhurst resident for many years, had compiled some albums and scrapbooks for the use of the pilots on HMS Attacker with which he was serving in the Mediterranean in 1943/44.

Richard was army liaIson officer on the ship, and the volumes contained many photographs, including those of German aircraft for recognition training purposes, as well as other reports.

These precious historic documents have gone missing, believed lent to a local resident several years ago.

Richard’s sons are keen to try TO locate them, both for historical research as well as a family historic record.

If anyone recognises these items or who knows where they are, would they kindly contact Richard’s son, Philip Pegler, who himself also lives in Midhurst, on 01730 815962.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Christopher Pegler

Perryfield Way