LETTER: Burial list plea

MY daughter and I recently visited your area (Chichester and West Wittering).

The sand, hills, grass and coastline along with St Peter and St Paul’s Church at West Wittering fit in with a story that has been circulating in my my family for years – dating back to the early 1800s (1806-1816) involving smuggling.

I would really like to get a list of names of the people buried in St Peter and St Paul’s Church cemetery – so many of the headstones were weather beaten and the names were not visible.

There has been mention of a ring – two gold bands (top and bottom) with three ivory carved doves in between (the front two doves are beak to beak).

This ring was placed on the grave of a young girl by her grandfather.

My aim of this search is not to lay claim to the ring but just to know if it exists.

If it does exist it would be another piece to put into the puzzle. It is a long shot but worth a try!

If anyone in your circulation area has information regarding this ring or a list of names of the people buried in this cemetery I would be ever so grateful if they could contact me via mfaul3@hotmail.com

Maureen Faulkner

10A Hawker Street,


Qld 4350