LETTER: Can’t please all

THANK you Mrs Merritt, and all those other residents who have taken the time to express their appreciation to Midhurst Town Council in connection with the Christmas street party.

The organisation can be quite onerous but is worthwhile when so many people come along and have an enjoyable time.

We have now held our first awards evening in our new office.

This is a community event when we recognise unsung heroes in the town who have worked consistently to improve and enhance the lives of Midhurst residents.

Often such work is carried out without seeking any reward which is why the town council considers it important to recognise and publicly thank some individuals for the contribution they make.

At this festive time when the community comes together it is sad to report that the missing light Mrs Merritt has spotted was not an oversight.

When our contractors were installing the Christmas motifs this year they were asked by a resident to take that particular motif away since he found the additional light near his home irritating.

Once again evidence that we cannot please everyone, however hard we try.

John Etherington


Midhurst Town Council

Editor’s note: The letter to which Mr Etherington is responding made reference to the Egremont Hotel in error due to a typographical error when being transcribed by the paper.

It should have read Egmont Hotel.