LETTER: City vision is waste

CHICHESTER has a beautiful cathedral, a world class theatre,an art gallery of national importance, attractive parks,an arts cinema, and close by, a Roman Palace and much more besides.

It is not in need of a new vision with a vast sum of money spent on a research project.

Use the £43,000 to thoughtfully enhance what we have. Routinely, improve the pavements and streets (pedestrians like safe, smooth surfaces to walk on); remove non-essential street signs and obstacles; maintain all planted areas better, including roundabouts which offer first impressions of the city to many visitors; keep weed free, small edgy areas and central reservations on roads; plan the flower baskets, planters and flowered places for a longer season.

When townscapes are beautiful people show respect and keep them litter free.

Yes, Chichester needs hotel rooms, and many local folk have pleaded for this ever since the Dolphin and Anchor was lost, but to no avail.

The south west corner of the Barracks site should have been acquired for a new hotel. Such opportunities are now virtually nil.

Another loss is the South Street Information Office which was excellent, and the old museum had character. True, the Novium has more space, but who finds it? The cathedral is visible for miles around, but some of our ‘gems’ are hidden and need better signage.

Pallant House Art Gallery needs more than a finger post in East St. A modified sign at the entrance to West Pallant from South St, and a sign on the building at the top of North Pallant could surely be done at no great expense.

I am not sure what is meant by ‘better integrating our cultural facilities with the city’.

How many of the group who wrote the Project Initiation Document are truly familiar with the work at these great places?

Pallant House Gallery alone has a nationally acclaimed and richly varied practice of work with the local community including schools. Go and find out, and please use our money wisely.

Anne Hodgson

Highland Road,