LETTER: Common sense failure caused road closure

LAST week the Hindhead tunnel on the A3 was closed for most of the day, causing traffic congestion over a considerable area of south-west Surrey to the extent of gridlock around Thursley and Pitch Place.

The reason, we are told, is that ‘the matrix signs failed’.

Thirty years ago this technology did not exist and cars drove through tunnels perfectly safely.

Do the ‘powers that be’ think that we are now so infantilised by traffic controls that we are unable to drive through a tunnel without the assistance of an illuminated green arrow (as opposed to a red cross)?

This is not just ‘political correctness gone mad’, it is a complete failure of commonsense.

When the tunnel was built there was a vocal campaign to keep the old A3 as a relief road for when the tunnel was closed because the diversions would otherwise be long and difficult along minor roads.

The authorities insisted on closing the old A3 and returning it to grass, apparently to improve wildlife habitat, and they justified this with an expectation that the tunnel would only be closed once in about 30 years.

I think I am right in saying that it has been completely closed at least once in every year it has been open.

If it has to be closed because the ‘matrix signs fail’, then I am not surprised and it would seem that these two stupidities are connected.

Andrew Moncreiff

Cherrylands Close,