LETTER: Cycle challenge

CONGRATULATIONS to the lady who cycles with her two girls to Parklands School – it cannot be a relaxing experience.

As she says, much can be done to improve the situation:

New housing developments should be required by Chichester District Council to provide safe cycle route links into town.

Neither Graylingwell (Linden Homes) nor Roussillon Park (ZeroC) seem to have plans for such routes/links (I have made enquiries, some unanswered).

An excellent way to open up quieter areas would be the suggestion made by Mrs Cannon, in her case a cut-through at Parchment Street. There must be many similar opportunities all over Chichester.

One of them would be to provide access from the Winterbourne Road estate into and through Graylingwell, with connection to existing paths towards Homebase and Sainsbury’s.

A cycle path through Roussillon Park, connecting to a new route crossing Oaklands Park – this would take cyclist safely into the city centre.

Shared cycle/footpaths wherever possible.

There are already some good cycle paths – most of them on the outskirts of Chichester – and I am grateful for those.

However, the narrow strip of green along the Broyle and Lavant Roads cannot possibly qualify as a safe cycle route.

Nobody in their right minds would want to see a pedestrian on it, especially if that pedestrian was a child, so why should it be considered safe as a cycle route for them?

Please continue to put forward ideas to make Chichester more bike-friendly and who knows, one day there will be a steady stream of happy, healthy parents/children/shoppers and the occasional grandparent on a tricycle making their way into town.

Brigette Tuck

Summersdale Road