LETTER: Cycle path is a ‘win-win-win’

I WISH to confirm my support for a cycle path from the new relief road in Felpham to the Ford cycle path on the A259.

We have a dangerous situation being made even worse by the imminent opening of the relief road when undoubtedly more traffic will spill on to the A259 heading for Littlehampton.

You can cycle from Newhaven to Littlehampton on cycle paths and local roads all with 30mph speed limits. You can cycle from Middleton to Portsmouth harbour on cycle paths and local roads and onward to Hill Head.

The missing link is the A259 from Felpham to Littlehampton which is a two-lane road with a 60mph limit.

During early morning commutes to Littlehampton by car I regularly see at least 20 cycling commuters going in either direction. One Saturday I saw a group of about 50 cyclists (in sensible groups) cycling on a day’s ride. I also see regularly a lady cyclist commuting along the road with a child trailer behind.

All these cyclists have a right to cycle along this road, but it is not only dangerous for cyclists – but also for motorists who are forced (sometimes impatiently) to swerve out into the opposite lane to overtake, particularly when there is long tailback.

Please WSCC, take action and apply to the government for a grant (which is available to cycling) for a two-metre wide cycle path on the north side of the A259.

The cycle path route would be uninterrupted except for one crossing at Comet corner and so the problem on the Chichester Road cycling in laybys etc would not arise.

Once the path is constructed there would be very little ongoing maintenance required and so everyone who uses it and I believe many more including many cycling groups and keep fit addicts would safely benefit for many years to come and motorists would win as well. Even WSCC would win over its ratepayers.

This is a win-win-win initiative. An active cyclist

Steve Sampson

Harefield Estate