LETTER: Cycling concern

CYCLISTS wonder why other road users hate them so much.

Going into Chichester on Sunday, November 30, at about 2pm there were about ten cyclists in line riding along the A259 towards Bosham.

They were just a bike’s length apart and completely oblivious to the queue of cars, vans and motorbikes behind them.

I passed them at the Bulls Head and the queue of traffic tailed back almost to the A27 roundabout.

All of this could have been avoided if they thought about other road users and spread themselves out so they could be overtaken between the corners.

It’s the pack mentality of some cyclists that gives the rest a bad image, I never fail to understand why when a group of riders go out, they have to group together like a herd of wildebeest.

And of course the odd Lycra lout that’s got to be the fastest thing on the road and pavement even though there’s a four-litre V8 riding the brakes behind them!

Lastly, those that go around without lights or reflective clothing on a nice dark country lane and wonder why the driver hasn’t dipped his lights, and only just misses being turned into roadkill, (applies to pedestrians as well in this case). All this on one Sunday afternoon within three miles of my starting point.

RSS Burgess

Deeside Avenue