LETTER: Damage to river

I AM writing to you about what has been done to the river Lavant at Singleton.

Work was carried out to dig out the river bed. The digger driver was told by a lady what to do. No property owner was informed and damage was caused.

One householder has now found her garden wall is the edge of the river, the bank protecting it has gone, another lost part of the garden. Bridges have been damaged and the water vole bank destroyed.

The steep dip which is protected would have gone had not villagers stepped in just in time.

The river bed has been dropped but no safety has been thought of for the people alighting the No. 60 bus.

People have fallen in but now even an adult could not get out.

Trees have been left leaning and will now have to be taken down.

I have spoken to several people and they are horrified about the standard of work and the attitude of those who are supposed to be for the village.

People won’t say much because of the way they are dismissed by the few.

There have been bricks seen in the soil and now they are wondering if the extra pillars put in under the main road bridge have been damaged.

The attitude has been the grass will grow back and you will not notice it. Should this winter be a bad one there will be no grass and the soil will be eroded.

Several people are trying to get answers but like most I am so unhappy at what I have seen.

I used to live there so I’ve known the village all my life and visit often.

The work was not done by West Sussex or the Environment Agency, a grant was given and a few went ahead and did what they wanted.

Mrs P. J. Dummer


North Bersted