LETTER: Development woe with property plan

THE Observer of August 14 carried a front-page caption ‘The changing face of Graylingwell’ with details on pages 4,5 of how sales are ‘proving hard’ in the current market and seeking dramatic changes to original plans.

Some years ago I looked at the housing then on offer in their phase one.

Despite the trumpeting of eco-living, the fact remained that the houses themselves lacked internal space, gardens were miniscule and the overall appearance of straight rows of grey houses with minimal parking showed a total lack of design imagination.

Looking at the photograph, we see yet more straight rows of red brick boxes disappearing into the distance.

The UK has some of the smallest internal living-spaced housing in Europe and can be witnessed at Graylingwell!

And offsetting the Immanuel Chapel either side with brash white accommodation blocks in the hope of maintaining sales/profit levels is clearly admission that the Linden ‘rapidly regeneration face of Graylingwell Park’ should be re-termed degeneration.

Knowing what Graylingwell was like and seeing what has happened to it in recent years is very depressing.

Are the properties not selling because of the current market or is the standard and layout of the grand Linden plan not attracting buyers?

The Selsey Asda and perhaps another 200-house development, some seven to eight miles at the remote end of the Manhood Peninsula is another which is quite remarkable.

Selsey with only its Co-op and Bugden retail outlets would certain welcome a competitively-priced supermarket of appropriate size for the town offering reasonably-priced food/goods, but a mega Asda!

The thought of lorry convoys daily driving down that winding B road to fuel the superstore, following the twists and turn of the 18th-century design road which cannot cope with the increasing traffic from Asda, the additional housing – and the additional traffic driving down to Selsey from Chichester for the proposed Asda.

Quite rightly, the various parish councils on the peninsula object as they’ll suffer the traffic.

Will the road eventually jam solid, resembling the Stockbridge Road down to the Witterings on any sunny weekend?

With a very large superstore planned adjacent to the Homebase/Sainsbury’s stores, this is surely the correct site for the mega Asda.

Roger Bunney