LETTER: Drivers should take more care

COULD drivers please take consideration while driving down Whyke Road, particularly between school drop-off/ pick-up times and stick to the recommended 20mph.

This is a very dangerous stretch of road with two staggered junctions, a level crossing and an infant school in the mix.

Vehicles often speed down here, overtaking the stationary cars waiting at the level crossing to turn right into Cleveland Avenue, unaware that parents with small children are forced to step into the middle of the road to cross, as there are parked cars blocking the view.

Drivers unaware that there is actually a designated crossing, stop in the middle of it, forcing parents to weave in and out of the cars to cross.

I have actually witnessed a driver creep forward while a child was in front of her car to prevent people crossing.

Our lollypop lady unfortunately is only part-time and can only work until July.

Locally and nationally it is very difficult to recruit these posts as there is a considerable risk to their personal safety.

As parents we have tried to make the crossing there as visible as possible to drivers and have petitioned the council for a puffin crossing to make this area safer for children and the whole community to cross.

S Walters

Winden Avenue