LETTER: Empty the bins!

I HAVE just found out that Green Park and the houses surrounding the park, Swanfield, are owned and managed by a company called A2 Dominion.

I have tried to ring them and had to wait seven minutes. Then, by the time I had given the gentleman my details, he had to pass me on to someone else.

What I would like is their address so I can write to the appropriate person or department that deals with refuse collecting.

Green Park is a public park and rubbish bins are not being emptied.

Have they not heard of health and safety?

People do use the bins, that is why they are full. There are two problems.

Because the bins are full, the rubbish is just left beside the bins and the wind blows it into other people’s gardens.

Then there are the people who just drop their litter and do not care that they can see a bin. Is it too far for them to walk?

So please someone, send me the address of A2 Dominion or send them a copy of my letter.

P Hobden

Bradshaw Road