LETTER: Extreme impact of parking scheme

I AM writing with regards to the proposed residents’ parking scheme in Bognor Regis on behalf on my parents, as we feel the need to voice our views.

My parents have lived in Havelock Road for 42 years and have never experienced any issues with parking outside their home.

If this scheme is passed, it will have a massive impact on our family.

We attended the consultation at St Wilfred’s Church Hall on Saturday, May 17, and spoke with a councillor who frankly could not answer our questions.

The impact it will have on the town, let alone on a personal level, is totally extreme.

It will have a negative effect on the local businesses as visitors to the town will not be able to park with ease to access smaller shops.

Church halls will be greatly affected as visitors will not be able to use their facilities.

It will increase the issues that local police have to deal with due to the fact that permit-holder spaces will be at a minimum, causing tensions among residents.

On a more personal level, my parents have spoken to some neighbours in their road and they are all of the same opinion in that it is a bad idea.

My parents some years ago paid the council about £800 for a dropped curb and an additional £79 for the licence to cross the pavement on to the small driveway at the front of the property and a white line was painted across the drive.

When we posed the question to the councillor we or our guests should be allowed to park across our driveway, we were told no.

The councillor said the white lines in front of driveways will be removed and double yellow lines will replace them, which is totally absurd.

It will actually mean my siblings and I, along with our immediate and extended family, will not be able to visit any more. In this day and age who can afford to pay £80 for a permit that doesn’t guarantee you a parking space, it seems that all you are actually paying for is a ‘risk’!

The councillor advised the decision would be made based upon the results of the whole area which is totally crazy as what works for one road may not work for another.

If I was asked what are the parking issues in Havelock Road I would say the number of work vehicles and that people tend to park across the corners. Instead of going so extreme, why not put double yellow lines around each corner? I thought that the council was trying to regenerate Bognor Regis. If they pass this parking scheme the town will become completely inaccessible and a ‘no-go’ place to visit.

The town will no longer be an enjoyable place to live, and so I write this with one thought in mind – please WSCC, do not pass this, it will ruin Bognor Regis as we know it.

Laura Daymond,

Havelock Road

Bognor Regis