LETTER: Forcing into debt

REGARDING last week’s article ‘New threat to city A&E’ and the decision to award the MSK contract to Bupa, current experience is that, for surgical work, private providers are able to ‘cherry-pick’ patients for elective surgery who are likely to be straightforward.

This leaves complex patients to be operated on within the NHS contract.

By definition these patients carry higher costs, but the tariff for them remains the same.

Similarly, complications of elective surgery are dealt with by emergency readmission for NHS treatment.

The tariff for emergency work is low compared to elective work.

The NHS functions by using the tariff from elective work to fund the emergency work. The new proposal will stop this balancing out and will force the NHS providers into increasing debt.

Is this what we the taxpayers want?

Joseph O’Sullivan

Mill Gardens

East Wittering