LETTER: Fracking focus

I ATTENDED the fracking exhibition on November 8 in the Assembly Rooms, presented and financed by West Sussex County Council.

The message conveyed by the various governmental organisations present was one of total confidence in the fracking process.

It was presented as the bright future, solving the problems of the much-hyped impending energy shortage.

Views from the public were welcome but not on the subject of fracking, only on the displays, the venue and other trivia.

I was reminded of how cleverly the creation of the South Downs National Park was being sold to local councillors some years ago.

Speaker after speaker told us district councillors of all the benefits a national park would bring.

Questions were allowed on details of boundaries, future management etc.

But at no point was there an opportunity to say ‘no’ to the national park.

And when I asked at the end of the presentation as to when and how one could register an objection, I was told that it wasn’t that kind of consultation.

It appears that this event likewise was not meant to encourage real discussion, as the two recently-published letters confirm.

And it is likely to happen in the South Downs National Park!

Fracking is now government policy and the Conservative-controlled county council is complying with Westminster against all local objections.

Edith Pingree Rogerson

St Paul’s Road


The Green Party