LETTER: Has the council lost the plot?

THE Bognor Regis zip wire attraction – at £29 a ride – created quite a stir over the bank holiday weekend, but a lot of people are wondering if the Town Council has finally lost the plot.

There are several zip wires operating throughout the UK, with the biggest in the remote Adrenalin Quarry in SE Cornwall, but it was an eye-opener to witness Bognor’s 40ft high attraction, particularly when it straddled the busy shopping precinct.

Naturally, all the necessary safety regulations would have been in operation, but my wife and I thought the monstrous construction, slam in the middle of town, looked bizarre.

Are the lunatics finally running the asylum? It could never happen in Chichester!

We all know about on-line shopping, but the zip line approach adopted by the Bognor authorities is a radical departure in the retail world and has left thousands very puzzled.

There was enough scaffolding on London Road to give Fitzleet House a complete external refurbishment with probably enough left over to extend Bognor’s truncated pier a further 100 yards.

Flyers, donned in three types of harnesses and hard hats, zoomed along the rooftops for their flight at speeds of up to 30mph. Seagulls couldn’t believe their eyes.

Is this Bognor’s idea of retail therapy? A lot of people thought it looked like a Gotham City film set for a new Batman box office hit. ‘Batman saves Bognor from Extinction’.

Bognor town manager Toyubur Rahman said: “It’s all about driving footfall into the shopping area and getting people off their computers!”

Err, sorry. Run that one past me again!

Bring back the original Bognor Birdman stunt we used to watch at the end of the pier.

Geordie Campbell

Barrack Lane,