LETTER: Hospital parking is a problem

I AM writing to you in response to a recent article outlining the parking situation in Graylingwell Drive which was published on August 15.

I’m a resident of Bostock Road which connects with Graylingwell Drive and therefore also experience similar issues that were highlighted.

Over the past 12 months I’ve been in touch with the local council (highways) who acknowledge that there is a problem, however any resolution is quite some time away due to the process that needs to be followed.

So, although I struggle to understand why they did not foresee this issue arising due to the parking controls recently implemented to the roads south of St Richard’s Hospital, it’s now pretty obvious the impact it’s had on the local area to the north-east of the hospital is significant and that something needs to be done sooner rather than later.

However, what I find remarkable is the source of the problem, being St Richard’s not providing adequate parking for their staff (added to the fact they even charge them for the privilege), when consulted over the issue for your recent article state: “We cannot use more of the site for parking without having an impact on the clinical services we provide.

“We regret if there is inconvenience to our neighbours, but given our limitations and parking restrictions in surrounding areas, it’s very difficult.”

The hospital have been more than happy to sell lots of land to housing developers and collect the proceeds, however, when it comes to using some of those proceeds to address an ongoing issue that affects both local residents and employees, it seems it’s pretty low on their priority list.

In reality, even if the council resolve the issue in the immediate proximity to the NE of the hospital, the problem still remains as to where hospital workers will park. The hospital still have spare land, some of which seems a prime candidate for car parking. Why won’t they use it and do us all a favour?

Ewan Haig

Bostock Road