LETTER: Inconsiderate visitors spoiling town

GEOFF Allnutt in his capacity as chairman of the Town Trust states in his (In My View) column that Midhurst’s car park situation is better than ever before.

He is so right. The new Grange Centre car park is never totally full, even on monthly Market day.

I have never understood why there hasn’t been parking available for coaches in that car park None is available except by negotiation with Stagecoach to share the bus station at the bottom of North Street.

Midhurst relied on the coaches stopping off on the way through to major local events and now that they don’t, local businesses suffer.

A long-time and well-loved cafe (Ye Olde Tea shoppe) closed after many years because they weren’t getting the footfall from the coach parties to keep their business viable.

Another major grievance that Geoff pointed out is that despite very reasonable car park fees, people still park on yellow lines or worse still on the pavements round town. He is so right to say that wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs can’t get past BUT has anyone looked round town recently and noticed the badly-cracked and damaged paving stones everywhere that have been caused by vehicles parking on them?

I had a bad fall before Christmas having caught my foot on one of these badly cracked paving slabs and suffered a very swollen leg and bruised foot and I had a job to walk for several days. From past experience it is pointless complaining to the relevant authorities. They come with their measure and say that the height of the raised bit of broken slab is within the legal limit!!

Near my house is a very badly cracked paving slab and this year alone several people have caught their feet on it and have fallen badly enough to cause tears and grazes. A council official was nearby about a month

ago and the problem paving slab was pointed out but so far nothing has been done about it.

I love Midhurst and I do so wish that it wasn’t spoiled by those people that are inconsiderate and don’t respect our town.

Mrs L.Oram

Bepton Road