LETTER: Irrational fears about refugees

I WAS dismayed and sickened this morning to open my letter box and find an anonymous leaflet playing on irrational fears to encourage me to object to the planning application to create a refugee hostel at Earnley Concourse.

Surely providing temporary accomodation for 200 young people out of 12 million displaced by a horrifying war is the very least any civilised people could do.

Let us act with compassion, not nimbyism.

I, for one, will be proud to welcome them here.

I suggest a different campaign. Earnley Concourse is isolated. The refugees will feel that they have been dumped in the back of beyond, far from anything they know or can call home.

Let’s organise a rota of caring locals to visit and make them feel welcome, perhaps offer to take some out and show them around our community. Let’s respond to this humanitarian crisis with humanity.

As for the authors of this disgraceful leaflet, who do not have the courage to sign it, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

A hint as to their motivation is given by the advice to ‘refrain from citing any hateful or racial prejudice’.

Why? Not because racial hatred is immoral and wrong, no, because ‘this form will be used as an official document’.

I for one hope that racists will make the reasons for their objections clear so their views can be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Elliott Manley

The Street,