LETTER: Is ours the ugliest bus station around?

HAVING just returned from Horsham, visiting through the park and ride system to a clean, modern, glass bus station in the town, I

sink into depression on returning to Chichester, seeing our dirty, rundown bus station.

Visitors to our city see filthy litter bins, bent, peeling railings, water dripping through the shelter above and weeds growing

up through the paving stones.

Surely, it must be the worst bus station in Britain? Perhaps the Observer could run a photographic competition to see if anyone can find a worse one?

How right Cllr Gordon McAra’s comments are.

Surely, again, we must be the only county town and cathedral city without any main noticeboard, usually to be found outside the railway station, welcoming visitors, with a large map, showing key locations and current events taking place?

However, Cllr McAra

was incorrect in saying

that residents failed to notice areas that were letting down the city – we

do notice!

Several years ago, I and a group of like-minded residents petitioned outside Chichester library, gathering signatures, asking for the perfectly adequate free-standing noticeboard which we had for years in the library to be re-instated after the refurbishment.

Or, that we might be able to use the new wallboards now in place.

Despite several hundred signatures in favour of this, for some reason, which was never explained, this was refused by the library service.

It was hopeless!

Perhaps Cllr McAra could advise us what residents might be able to do, perhaps elect new councillors?

Jan Newton-Lewis

Jubilee Road