LETTER: Is this democracy?

IT was a sad day for Westhampnett residents and local democracy when both political parties agreed to give themselves planning permission for a nine-pitch gypsy transit site on part of Westhampnett Depot, throwing to one side their own planning policy by making that decision.

Good guidance states ‘transit sites should be sited away from local communities’.

Later that day, a concept statement for 350 homes at Westhampnett was given on greenfield land. Yes, you’ve guessed it: directly opposite the transit site!

The justification for the 350 dwellings on this site states: “The development will create a high quality, well connected and visually stimulating environment that will complement and enhance the existing character of the area.”

What wonderful, creative writing!

All that is required to further stimulate and enhance sustainability of the community is for a bio mass plant and sewage works to be built there!

It is time for all who oppose the greenfield developments that ruin our villages and destroy the historic setting of our cathedral city to stand firmly together and fight tough.

I’m sure that this will be remembered next year by the electorate when it comes to voting at the district council elections.

Mike Hall

Crouch Cross Lane