LETTER: Keep street lights on for the greater good

I’M for having street lights on. Maybe the council can come to an agreement, whereby in some rural areas and indeed city housing streets lights could be turned on at midnight until 3pm in summer and 10pm to 5pm in winter.

Why on earth were street lights invented in the first place?

Not everyone has a car and youngsters who go out in the evenings do not always have money for taxis. Sharing cars can be a dangerous business.

So they and older people walk, there are also lots of dog walks.

I would not like to walk a dog in darkness, not even with a torch.

Crimes are committed, usually in the small hours. Like the lady who lives in Hambrook who had her rubbish emptied on to the road and her bin stolen. Are people so desperate they cannot go out and buy a bin?

I think the council has gone too far, why can’t we buy our own bins from another dealer? With or without street lights, did anyone see the bin and who is the guilty party?

Vandals broke the lids to both my bins by using them to gain access to someone else’s garden.

I cannot afford to buy new bins as I am an OAP. There is no where else to put them. I’m certainly not buying new bins for people to vandalise or steal. Police have enough to do without having more crimes committed because there are no street lights.

I’m sorry about Mary Carless. Could you put up some thick curtains, maybe that would help.

P Hobday

Bradshaw Road