LETTER: Local plan fears

VIEWING and then reading about the pre-assessment plan has left me feeling that I don’t want to be around when it all happens.

The plan seems to have no concept whatsoever of the impact on Nyetimber Village and the only reason (nay excuse) for them to mutilate what still exists of the rural nature of the village is that there is no other location in Pagham to build more houses. And why is that?

Because the developers have already turned Pagham into a concrete jungle and now they want to do the same to Nyetimber.

To get their houses developed and occupied, they will need to play havoc with the traditional atmosphere of the village centre – even to removing at least one listed cottage.

They will also need to (in some places compulsorily) purchase some front garden strips in Summer Lane which would otherwise make it impossible for construction traffic to access the development site.

And the prospect of a major new junction at the northern end of Nyetimber fills me with horror – especially as the local Highways Authority will do nothing to alleviate the problems of Tesco delivery lorries along the existing stretch of Pagham Road, as well as the lesser problem of deliveries to The Inglenook.

The proposed sites are both intended to remove large swathes of quality agricultural land, leaving less green belt land via which to feed the expanding population.

We want our village to remain as rural as possible, and, like a marriage, ‘let no man put asunder’.

The remaining character of Nyetimber village will be decimated after centuries of being nurtured by generations of our ancestors.

And when the new houses are all occupied, what of the environment left for existing residents? Does that count for nothing?

I’ve not even mentioned the prospect of flooding which is seemingly an ongoing threat.

Developers should know – they cannot stop water or make it disappear, they can only divert it to some other flood plain.

Geoffrey King

Oaktree Close

Mill Farm