LETTER: Lorries bring foul smells

COUNCILLOR Derek Whittington is mentioned in your issue of November 5, as speaking at County Hall in favour of allowing Lidsey Landfill Site to remain open for an additional period of time after the expiry of the existing planning consent in order that the operator may complete the restoration of the site.

He is also reported as stating that ‘It’s been a well run site as far as my committee is concerned’.

While the restoration of the site will be welcome the allowance of extra time suggests that either the council omitted to provide for restoration to take place during the period of the planning consent or that the operator has failed to abide by the terms of the consent.

Either way, the result is that heavy lorries will continue to visit the site and more importantly the risk of the escape of foul smells will remain for the extended period.

It is perhaps especially telling that the Councillor considers the site to have been well run.

He has clearly forgotten the numerous complaints over several years about the escape of foul smells and the campaign that resulted in a public meeting in May, 2013, to press the operators to mend their ways.

Foul smells have continued to arise this year and it is to be hoped that the consent for the extended time period to restore the site does not permit uncovering of the existing or the importation of more rotting material.

Alan White-Aldworth

Hook Lane,