LETTER: M27 extension is unthinkable

If I lived in north Chichester, I fear I would probably come up with questionable assertions like those in Paula Penfold’s letter to you (10th May). She says Highways England must be crazy to reconsider northern route options.

In the south we think those responsible for taking it to the south in the first place must have been crazy. Given the line of the A27, taking the bypass south meant making a huge detour and it still passes only half a mile from the city centre. In other words, it is not truly a bypass.

Going south means the route has to cross the railway twice and five very busy roads.

A few years ago a vast amount of money had to be spent curing the dangerous flooding problems on the so-called bypass.

Paula Penfold mentions the pollution threat. At present, with the prevailing winds in the southern quarters, the whole of Chichester suffers a pollution threat. That three schools with playing fields are so close to , and on the leeward side of the bypass, is something that should be particularly worrying.

Over the coming decades Chichester and the towns and villages around it are going to grow mightily, probably mostly to the south.

Anyone who has been to the West Country in recent years will know that the same is happening there.

It is therefore only a matter of time before the M27 has to be extended to the east.

If it follows the route of the existing A27, there will be a six-lane motorway passing half-a-mile from the centre of a much larger city.

Now, that truly is absolutely unthinkable.

Keith Arnold, South Bank, Chichester