LETTER: Mad about parking

I AM very upset by the latest parking regulations on the streets around the hospital.

As a member of hospital staff, I rely on the odd parking space on Spitalfield Lane because parking permits for the hospital’s own car parks are hard to

get hold of, the waiting time for a permit for staff is around a year.

Today, I contacted West Sussex Council to buy a non-resident permit for Spitalfield Lane and surrounding streets, but was told that parking permits were only available for residents.

I was also told that the only parking near the hospital is now the theatre car park at a steep cost of

£42 per month.

Honestly, I do not find it very safe to walk there at midnight after a twilight shift!

The reason why I am upset is that we, the hospital staff, do our upmost to provide best possible care for the people of Chichester and in return we get angry anonymous letters pinned under our windscreen wipers and in the end any affordable safe parking is taken away without the provision of a proper alternative.

So what happens, dear resident, if you need urgent medical care and there are no nurses to take care of you because they have nowhere to park?

It is most annoying that many spaces in Spitalfield Lane are now completely unoccupied during the day!

Tina Black

Mosse Gardens