LETTER: Major concerns over social care

I WATCHED the video of the West Sussex health and adult social care select committee meeting which took place on October 2, and was reported in the media last week, and found it disturbing in many ways.

However I am left with one major concern:

Did the CCG need to put the MSK service out to tender at all?

I am in no way suggesting that the service did not need improving, but couldn’t this have been done without contracting out part of what is at present an integrated service?

Monitor guidance is clear that CCG’s do not have to put services out to tender, for example, if it is not viable for providers to provide one service without providing another, which appears to apply in this case.

It is also clear that CCG’s need to consider the potential impact of any procurement decisions on other services and their sustainability before deciding to put a service out to tender, from what was said at the meeting it seems very doubtful that this can have happened.

Jan Birtwell

Whyke Lane