LETTER: No assessment for residents

I must admit an interest in the A27 proposals – living close to the Stockbridge roundabout (which under Option 2 will be made a flyover, with no direct access to the A27) our lives will become much more difficult every time we want to go... well, anywhere, really.

However, it seems to me that the the greatest argument for re-examining all options is simply the fact that the current proposals prioritise the east/west flow of traffic but include no impact assessment on the people who actually live here.

We are not alone – a great swathe of southern Chichester will be denied direct access to the A27, and will find their streets turned into rat-runs as others try to find their way into the system. Gridlock looms at rush-hour.

For us it would be better to stay as things are than find ourselves in a situation infinitely worse – so the idea that the Highways England funding is better spent on ‘something rather than nothing’ doesn’t cut much ice.

Surely no options should be accepted which have not considered in full - and dare I say it transparent - detail the impact on the lives of Chichester residents?

Ian Knight

King’s Ave