LETTER: No need for hotel

CAN one of your reporters please investigate if members of Bognor Town Council have completely lost leave of their senses?

Basically have they just lot the plot? After years of waiting, finally a planning application has been submitted to redevelop the Belmont Street area including the Regis Centre.

Now I fully support the application for a new replacement theatre as Bognor needs a larger venue to attract bigger shows.

However, what Bognor does not need is 190 apartments and a new hotel. There is no need for a hotel as basically this is what there is for people to come to Bognor for... That’s right, nothing! We have enough hotels already, can the council not see those big buildings in Butlin’s?

As for 190 apartments, well the Regis Centre site is the final area of the seafront that needs to be developed for the good of all residents of Bognor, not to line the council tax funds. We need a new leisure complex to attract more people to the seafront to boost the local economy, look at the appalling town centre in terms of shops.

If apartments are built then the seafront is ruined for good, no going back and no other sites. This is a site that needs to remain as being to the benefit of Bognor and apartments do not achieve this.

I urge all readers who care about Bognor and its long-term future to submit their objections to the planning application before August 19 and maybe the people of Bognor will be heard and the application blocked and the redevelopment of the site be changed to include leisure, not apartments.

Mr M Shippam

Lyon Street,

Bognor Regis