LETTER: ‘No’ to 20mph

AS a resident of Felpham I have just received a consultation document from West Sussex County Council seeking my view on the above proposal which will apply to every road in Felpham except the main road (where the traffic usually crawls along at less than 20mph due to congestion).

I am firmly of the view that the existing limit should remain and not be lowered.

The 30mph limit has been in place for many years since, I would guess, limits were first introduced. Modern motor vehicles have far superior braking systems to those when the limits were first set.

What is necessary is for the 30mph limit to be policed in the few places that it is from time to time exceeded, eg Downview Road and Outerwyke Road.

In my view this is a complete waste of public money which should not proceed.

A smaller sum would be better spent on preventing the constant queue-jumping at the leisure centre roundabout and at Hotham Way after the railway bridge where the dual carriageway becomes single carriageway.

A A Beach

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