LETTER: No to Europe

I ALLOWED the dust to settle following the recent General Election before writing as I am sure your readers were somewhat weary of hearing from politicians.

However, I did think it important that I conveyed my sincere thanks to the 10,240 voters who put their faith in me and supported me in the ballot box. It was a tall order trying to unseat an MP who had represented the constituency for 18 years but I am pleased to see that I did raise the vote for UKIP from last place in 2010 to runner-up this time. Hopefully, this trend will continue.

With elections over, my focus will of course continue in respect of my duties as a County Councillor. Added to those duties I now also find myself elected to Bognor Regis Town Council, a role I hope to embrace with much enthusiasm. Added to my duties I now also find myself Chairman of the Highways & Transport sub group of the Joint Western Arun Area Committee (JWAAC), a role I relish as I believe we need a strong voice in respect of highways issues in order to push forward some of the schemes that have become mired in controversy and inaction.

Added to my civic duties I will also be concentrating on the forthcoming Referendum which will decide on our future relationship with the European Union. It will come of no surprise to readers to find that I will be supporting the NO campaign as I strongly believe in a United Kingdom free from the shackles of Brussels and able to take its place in the world independently.

It has been 40 years since we last had that vote and history tells us how we were duped in 1975 when the last referendum was conducted. Let me remind readers that we were voting to stay in the Common Market or EEC as it was then known, a trading bloc with no loss of sovereignty as we were told then.

Those under the age of 58 will not have had a say on our relationship with the European Union so now is the time for those people to have their say at last and reject the lies that those of us who did vote were told back in 1975 were told. The YES campaign will be heavily subsidised, mainly with public money, your money so the NO campaign will have a fight on its hands. I urge readers to join me in that fight.

Graham Jones

West Sussex County Councillor and Bognor Regis Town Councillor