LETTER: ‘No’ to store bid

WHY on earth would Chichester need yet another supermarket?

We have more than enough, I would have thought.

What is even more worrying is the increase in traffic around Sainsbury’s, Lidl and the other superstores in the area and when there are events at Goodwood, it’s even worse.

The roads in that part of Chichester are already overloaded with traffic coming into town or going to the other superstores.

What about Barnfield Drive itself, it goes through a residential estate for families with children, then on to the north of Chichester?

It would not be long before Barnfield Drive became even more of a rat run than it is already, for traffic either seeking a less-congested route out of the city or a cut through to the ‘new superstores’.

What about the shops in the city centre, how will they survive?

We need people to shop in the city as well as visitors, I worry that the traffic will become

so congested that it will

put people off coming to Chichester.

My guess is these new superstores are looking at all the house-building plans for Chichester and surrounding areas and don’t want miss out.

Are there any plans for a park and ride to enable shoppers and visitors to come into the city as well as shopping in the out-of-town stores.

The A27 is already a major problem, I cannot see how these plans will improve the situation.

Sally Bunday,

Whyke Lane