LETTER: ‘Nobody is above the law’

Earlier this afternoon, Tuesday, we were on our way home from Southampton when, just after 4pm, we spotted a so called ‘Safety Mobile Camera Van’’, parked on the central grass verge of the A27 just west of Fontwell.

The van was parked on the westbound side of the central barrier, but facing east with the camera pointing towards Chichester.

The van could only have got into this position through an illegal and especially dangerous manoeuvre, for which an ordinary motorist would quite rightly be prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act and I dread to think how it got out again.

So the question arises, are these vans, which generally are not operated by the police, above the law?

The answer, of course, has to be no, since nobody is above the law and the allowances made for Emergency Services is hardly applicable in this case.

It would be heartening to think that the police will prosecute this particular unit. I am sure there will be plenty of witnesses willing to come forward.

Robert Bishop

Broomfield Drive