LETTER: North bypass will have a severe impact

WITH regards to a northern bypass of the A27, I write as a homeowner who will be severely impacted by the proposal should it go ahead.

Our house will either be compulsory purchased and demolished or will be left with a house next to an expressway.

We purchased our house four years ago and carried out the normal searches at the time.

Last year we took the decision to undertake an extensive renovation and extension of our property on the basis that the northern bypass was not an option and that improvements to the existing road was the only option open to Highways England.

So what has changed? Who has decided that this is now back on the table?

We have invested significant amounts financially in to our property and are now left with the prospect of it either being compulsory purchased or severely blighted by a dual carriageway for which I am sure we will never receive adequate financial compensation.

The speculation, and cloak-and-daggers approach by Highways England leaves us in a position where it would be IMPOSSIBLE to sell our home.

Nobody in their right mind would purchase a house with the unknowns that surround its future.

This is simply one example of what I am sure will be the case for many local residents and businesses who invest money in Chichester on the basis of a local plan and what that offers for the area, and its development over the course of the plan.

To simply change course and introduce an entirely different option only a few months after the plans adoption makes the very basis of the plan invalid.

I demand to know what is driving this sudden change of direction.

Ben Kirk

Hunters Race,

West Lavant