LETTER: Oving will be left as an island

WE are getting close to the enforced closure of the Oving traffic lights.

It seems the Highways Agency has dictated that the Oving traffic lights should be closed, why I wonder?

It must be perceived wisdom that the bypass will function better, I cannot see that it is for the benefit of local people.

With the closure of the lights, Oving will be left as an island in gravel pit lakes, flood relief schemes, solar panel farms, railway lines with barriers frequently closed for long periods of time and a couple of very congested roads to get out on.

It seems that local inconvenience is not exclusive to Oving and adjacent parishes.

Oving Road, either side

of the bypass will become cul de sacs as access on to or across the bypass will be closed off except for emergency vehicles and very few local buses.

Not only will the people on the ‘wrong’ side of the bypass have difficulty getting access to anywhere north or west but Chichester will have reduced routes to places like Sainsbury’s and points east.

The wonderfully efficient traffic lights put in a few years ago will facilitate the emergency vehicles and buses.

This work must have prompted the Highways Agency’s plan to close the lights.

This shows no regard for local communities.

Did I miss our treasured local democracy in action at a public inquiry or consultation?

Is this an example of the localism the prime minister promised us?

How right was the choice of the southern route for the bypass?

Barbara Glue

Church Lane