LETTER: Piecemeal plan

Mr Frears (Observer letters May 29) suggests it was courageous and sensible for the Conservative political leadership at Arun to give their councillors a free vote when deciding the district’s strategic development locations.

Presumably he feels it is therefore unimportant that the majority of the Conservative group do not support their leadership’s local plan.

If it’s unimportant, then what is the purpose of the Conservative leadership?

What is the point of the Conservative group? Why do we need party politicians at local level?

Do councillors function better when freed from the party yoke? Would we be better off with independent councillors?

Mr Frears is gushing in his praise for Arun District Council, but can he help the public to locate some important evidence.

Is he aware of any evidence that actually proves the A29 proposals will bring about an improvement on the current situation?

For instance, how exactly will placing a small town between Bognor Regis and the A27 improve access to/from Bognor Regis?

The council has had nine years in which to establish if the A29 proposals would improve the current situation – where’s the traffic modelling? Has the traffic from the new town been considered?

Where exactly is that key evidence?

If the evidence is poor (or non-existent) perhaps it might make more sense to get the councillors to agree the strategic locations first, just in case they aren’t persuaded by the transport evidence?

The piecemeal approval of the local plan reminds me of that old Johnny Cash classic We built it one piece at a time.

One can only wonder if the reason for putting the local plan through in separate ‘chunks’ is so that the councillors don’t get to see the whole plan until it is too late to change anything?

As Rolf Harris might say: “Do you know what it is yet?”

Also, I can’t understand why any self-respecting businessman would want to locate his business in a business park located on flood zone three land, on the far side of a small new town, and three miles from the A27?

Are there any serious expressions of interest or is it just ‘spin’ from an increasingly desperate cabinet and their sycophants?

Tony Dixon

Barons Close