LETTER: Plan for bypass

TO improve the present A27 to motorway standard would require the purchase and demolition of hundreds of homes and industrial units, maybe even Sainsbury’s and Tesco, to build the necessary cloverleaf junctions and flyovers.

Boris island will be built first.

But I think it can be achieved another way, let’s call it the A27M.

As per usual the response to a northern bypass is total opposition without any thought.

If a northern bypass was created by following a route over farmland and screened by a forested landscape – not just a big hedge – it would not be seen from the Downs or anywhere else.

By planting a large strip of woodland along its length, what is now the daffodil field between Summersdale and Lavant would lose its appeal as a building site thus preserving Lavant as a separate village, NOT part of a greater Chichester.

Lavant also could benefit from the sacrifice of the daffodil field in the shape of its own bypass from the junction of the B2141 Chilgrove road and the A286 Midhurst road to a new junction in the old gravel pit at Oldwick Farm where it would be low enough to be under/over the major road, completely hidden from view and able to be linked to the B2178 Old Broyle Road if so desired, turning Lavant back into a much quieter village by removing through traffic heading to and from the A27.

All other roads should be under or over-passed or follow alongside, thus preserving our quaint little lanes and access to Goodwood events which bring in so much income to the area.

With only one cloverleaf junction with existing roads allowing unrestricted traffic flow, the new road should suck all through traffic off the A27 east and westbound as the time saving on the journey would easily offset any extra mileage.

With heavy lorries and through traffic for east, west and north using the northern route, the present road should cope admirably with local traffic and southbound – Bognor, Selsey, etc.

I know nothing of highway planning or management so if you wish, put these ideas down as the musings of a fool (who lives locally and has to put up with the current lamentable A27 and the gridlocking caused by the railway) feel free.

Of course the road will not happen soon enough to benefit many of us because by the time the parish, local and county councils, the national park authority, archaeologists, local landowners, the highways authority, all the other vested interests, our (generous) benefactors in Westminster and the judiciary have put their four pennyworth in, everywhere this road could go will probably be built on, just like the present southern route.

P C Chandler

Highfield Lane,