LETTER: Protect charm of city

I WAS over from France visiting our son at college, and have loved wandering the streets of Chichester marvelling at the rich variety of historical architecture which has made it such a popular and attractive town.

It would be nice to think this would be respected and added to with equally if not better buildings in the future.

Is it not safer and better to capitalise on this original template by according permission only to buildings designed to be original but in the style of this era which is proven to be successful and stylish for the town?

That way you don’t have the issue of whether or not it is built in good taste but that it is at least in harmony with a style that is tried and tested

Buildings like the artist’s impression at Bishops Otter Campus are very debatable.

Where I live in France local architects have impressed with their mastery of materials and technology but on a question of taste 76 per cent of locals decreed that they thought the architects and local mayors did not have good enough taste.

The consequence of this here is a terrible inharmonious and usually hideous mess since the world war two reconstruction of Cherbourg and surroundings.

Someone with aesthetic talent needs to take control or risk jeopardising Chichester’s charm.

Mark Berridge