LETTER: Pub hypocrisy

COUNCILLOR Gillian Brown is pictured in the Observer supporting the Save the Ship campaign, whilst she refuses to meet with the residents of Bognor Regis over the regeneration of Bognor Regis or anything else for that matter.

It seems that the Localism Act applies only when she wants it to, or, rather more cynically, when there is a photo opportunity.

Gillian Brown is continuing with the core regeneration of Bognor which has been voted against by Arun residents in ADC polls three times now, so what reason does she have to continue?

I leave it to you to speculate. So far, ADC has spent £1.25m of our taxes, not including the cost of staff and other resources over eight years, and no regeneration has been provided.

Is this not sheer incompetence of the highest order? ADC have shown that they are not competent to deliver regeneration to this Bognor Regis.

Yet Gillian Brown still refuses all calls for her resignation.

Despite many requests to prime minister David Cameron and Eric Pickles (secretary of state for communities and local government) asking for an investigation into the conduct of ADC, Gillian Brown, her cabinet and ADC chief executive Nigel Lynn, they will not investigate them.

Our current MP Nick Gibb promised to meet with Eric Pickles to arrange a meeting with the civic society, myself and others from Bognor and Littlehampton to discuss many concerns over the conduct of ADC councillors and officers on many subjects.

Guess what he refused to honour his promise to us and said he wrote instead but Mr Gibb will not show us his letter to Pickles.

What chance do constituents have when their MP will not support them?

We have an election coming up soon and I would urge everyone to vote Gillian Brown out of office.

Just vote for anyone else please, so that we can bring her so damaging reign, to Bognor, Littlehampton and the villages to an ignominious end.

Roger Thomas

Andrew Avenue