LETTER: Refugee support

I WRITE to you in an effort to apply pressure on our local Members of Parliament to accept more refugees fleeing conflict into our local area.

Whilst I recognise that we reside in a Conservative dominated area and this group are not known for their willingness to support vulnerable people, this is an exceptional case and probably the worst humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War.

It must be remembered that the causes of the conflicts in the Middle East, whilst not exclusively a consequence of western actions in the area, have been heavily influenced by our policies and national involvement in those conflicts.

As such we must be prepared to accept the effects of our attitudes and behaviours of which the refugee crisis is one.

The image of the small drowned body of a child has finally tugged at the heartstrings of some of those in government and forced a response.

Please let’s make something positive come from this reaction and finally offer our full assistance to those in need.

Simon Cummings

Fittleworth Drive,