LETTER: Relief road and developments will impact everyone

AS a new resident, I have been reading with interest reports on traffic management at Comet Corner.

The one thing which has spoiled our enjoyment of moving to Middleton has been the prospect of negotiating this junction whenever we wish to go towards Littlehampton on the A259 or to Barnham.

The amount of traffic travelling along the A259 at times make this a very hazardous manoeuvre.

Without the benefit of any public transport from Bognor, Littlehampton or Middleton which actually serves Barnham station, those of us who need to commute have no choice other than to drive via this junction at peak times, as do many parents taking their children to school.

There is no alternative route to take other than via Flansham Park, or an even longer detour via the mini roundabout by Tesco Express.It can take around 15 minutes to cross this junction, a delay which leads to frustration and impetuous actions.

The 50mph limit does not, in itself, solve the problem as it is not monitored and therefore not always observed. Even the turnings off the A259 at Climping have a 40mph limit, so is 50mph at Comet Corner realistic?

Looking back through old reports it appears there has been talk about improvement at this junction for at least seven years.

It is obvious there has been major development in the area and now the new relief roads due to open shortly will encourage more people to use the A259 – a route which no doubt is avoided by some at present due to bottlenecks in Bognor .

Without any plans showing where the Felpham councillors want this £1m fund from the developers used, it is difficult to assess if this is a fair distribution based on the benefit to all residents.

The relief road and the new developments in Bognor, Felpham and the surrounding areas impact on everyone, not just those immediately adjacent.

As this is an important and no doubt one-off amount which can be used to fund road safety locally, should all local residents not know all the specific options under review and be allowed to make our feelings and choices known rather than this come down to individual councillors protecting their own patches?

Jean Lacey

West Close

Middleton on Sea