LETTER: Rich pickings

JUST three short weeks after the district council announced, through the columns of your newspaper a review of the leisure facilities in Chichester, no less than eleven companies have tendered and competed for the opportunity to profit from the privatisation plan, which suggests to me that there are some very rich pickings to be had.

Apparently, these eleven “community minded companies” have been whittled down to two who are now “fighting it out” for the privilege of making some money but at whose expense?

Some review! No survey of the users of these excellent facilities, no staff consultation, staff who have been blithely informed they would be transferred to an outside company, no guarantee on redundancies, pensions, conditions.

If this totally unnecessary outsourcing/privatisation goes ahead I predict higher charges for these facilities, cuts and non replacement of staff and a drop off of persons attending.

There are some things more important than cutting a few pence off the council precept, this is one of them.

We can only rely on the common sense of councillors when the scheme is submitted to the full council and that the views of Messrs. Shaxson and Cullen prevail and the proposition to outsource is rejected.

Ron Partner

Orchard Gardens,