LETTER: ‘Rogue’ routing

THERE can be few residents in the north of Lavant who are unaware of the large number of aeroplanes which are continually passing over our rooftops heading for the airfield.

What they may be unaware of is that this route is not one of the agreed arrival and departure routes which the operators of Goodwood Aerodrome have agreed to and which are shown on their website.

The whole of Lavant is inside the Aerodrome Traffic Zone in which only the agreed routes may be taken and there is just one route over Lavant and this passes over the tip of East Lavant.

This rogue routing can surely only be deliberate – on one day recently there were at least 30 flights over us which makes a nonsense of the Goodwood statement that ‘out of respect for our neighbours and the local community, Goodwood Aerodrome requires that agreed and published noise abatement procedures are followed’ and goes on to set out the requirements relating to the use of each runway.

The staggering increase in the general level of aircraft noise pollution and overflying that has been inflicted on us over the last two years is unprecedented.

Surely the time has come for the planning agreement to be revisited by the local authorities. It is worth noting that the planning agreement of 1987 between Goodwood and the WSCC gives the council a unilateral right to review the terms of the planning agreement and also notes the ‘Council’s desire to minimise the level of adverse environmental impact (including pollution) by noise arising from the use of the Airfield’.

Paul Myatt

Lavant Down Road,