LETTER: Roundabout rage

I NOTE, with interest, the recent letters regarding the continuing road rage which is caused where the dual carriageway over the railway narrows to single at the Hotham park wall.

Since this has been happening for years, I, and I have since discovered others, have raised this issue and the misuse of the roundabout at the Arun Leisure Centre by queue jumpers with the highways department at West Sussex County Council on many occasions.

We have also proposed low-cost solutions, but these have all been rejected.

We British are a fair-minded people as evidenced by our admirable practice of queuing.

In his letter, Mr Holm rightly said that the volume of traffic at the Hotham Park roundabout causes slow movement of traffic back to the dual carriageway; therefore, it is reasonable (and our good practice ) for drivers to form a queue.

However, in this situation, it makes perfect sense to erect a sign at the entrance to the dual carriageway stating ‘Use both lanes and filter in turn on joining carriageway’.

This will then remove the road rage which occurs every day and possible obstruction of the hospital roundabout by queuing traffic.

Come on Ben Whiffen and colleagues at WSCC Highways, it is the time of goodwill to all men... give us a Christmas present by solving this long-standing problem.

Anthony Beach

Shirley’s Garden